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""100% positive staff response"

Brandy Shelton
Technology Director
Rogersville City School System

"Easy to use and the whole staff loves it"

Sharon Feller
Technology Director
Corpus Christi Schools

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School Lunch Counter Program

The School Lunch Counter Program helps Food Service Managers and Teachers save an average of 45 minutes a day by bringing the time-consuming task of collecting daily lunch counts online. This simple and inexpensive program, designed specifically for schools with limited budgets, eliminates paperwork by allowing teachers to submit lunch counts on a daily basis with the click of a button. Online real-time visibility and reports enable Food Service Managers to better plan meals and reduce food waste.

New Features:

  • Pre-configured reports simplify the state reimbursement process for student meals
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Tracker
  • Collect lunch counts by homerooms or by individual student
  • Reports can track lunch counts over specified periods of time
  • Project supply and equipment needs for upcoming months
  • Track school nutrition and healthy meals

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school lunch count software

Food Service
Manager's View

This application's simple user interface includes:

  • Daily Lunch Counts

  • Online Calendar

  • Missed Lunches


Teacher's Homeroom View

This application's simple user interface includes: 

  • Daily Lunch Counts

  • Missed Lunches


school lunch count software
school lunch count software

Student View

This application's simple user interface includes:

  • Choose the student meals in each homeroom.

  • Print Reports for the lunch.



Student Lunch

This application's simple user interface includes:

  • Many Printable Reports

  • Easy to Run

school lunch count software

Who Should Look:

Currently implemented in school districts across the United States. The School Lunch Counter Program is ideal for smaller schools including Charter, Private, Christian, Montessori and more with limited budgets. This solution offers a low-cost alternative to thousand dollar lunch software.

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